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About us

Welcome to

Where you can find hundreds and thousands of quality products at reasonable prices! Since our establishment, we have been working hard to integrate internet technology and our strong bond with manufacturing sectors to bring a quality life without borders to our customers. In the unceasing pursuit of the best customer experience, has been one of the leading E-commerce platform 

Our Story provide diversified and globalized premium services with one-stop shopping experiences.
We have a strong bond with industry insiders. We work intensively with the suppliers to select the premium product for our customer at an affordable price.
We partnered with dozens of reputable import & export companies, warehousing & logistics agencies to ensure the best we can offer to the customers.

Our Team

Our team is our backbone. We work hard to be capable, dedicated and professional and always caring about our customer.
Jollychic  provide 7 days 24 hours service response.Our customer service team offer 7/24 service by email, phone and live-chat multi-lingually.

Our Products provide quality product in website, including most of the consumer goods such as apparel, electronics, home goods, and baby products, etc.

Our advantages.

· We offer quality products; and our delivery is quick and precise;
· We optimize your shopping experience;
· We offer non-discriminatory prices to everyone, wherever in the world you are;
· We provide decent 24/7 customer service;
· We maximize your business potentials.

Mission works to bring a quality life without borders to our customers in the convenient way.

Hunan Shilian Changda Information Technology Co., LTD
Address: Building 4, Zone A, Damei Lake, 798 Huanhu Road, Tianding Street, Yuelu District, Changsha city, Hunan Province